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Relative Strength Analysis

All Key relative strength means of analysis are available.  With Dynamic Investor Pro you can TAKE CONTROL, customize as you desire, and manage your retirement account or regular account – or other’s accounts.  Work with stocks, ETFs or mutual funds.

Profitable Investing


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Michael J. Carr

His formulas, his filters, his recommended investment software – Dynamic Investor Pro includes a Market Exit Signal to prevent losses when the market declines and comes with both a no-quibble guarantee and free support.  Yes, it is endorsed by relative strength guru Michael J. Carr, CMT. Take a quick tour – Click Here for a Demo

Speedy Analysis

Speedy Analysis = Profitable Results. Our investment tool will let you analyze ALL your strategy elements like stops, how long to hold a position, the time period of analysis, the type of analysis – choose from alpha or 40 more – or let us advise you of ‘best practices’, PLUS when to exit the markets altogether for true safe investing.

Technical Analysis

You Win with Technical Analysis. Using stock market technical analysis is a surefire way to make the best choices, and all you need is this investment software which includes built-in charting. Click Here for a Demo

Strength Investing

Relative Strength investing involves calculating the differences in the momentum of an ETF (or fund or stock) versus other ETFs and an index or benchmark like the S&P 500. While a chart can be created for any particular ticker symbol versus the benchmark, the important factor is how does each ETF relate to other ETFs? The answer shows the relative strength of each symbol as compared to others within any particular group or universe of symbols.

Our Books

Dynamic Investor Pro is focused on raising your investing readiness, we offer you books for your use in preparing your investing or retirement trading strategy and management.

Top Investment Software

“Financially, Dynamic Investor Pro has taken me from a small nest egg into a comfortable early retirement with no debt. I can’t say enough good things about it.” – Nancy L.

Raymond Dominick


Raymond is the designer of Dynamic Investor Pro. He is an experienced small business manager and consultant with more than thirty years of experience. He is well versed in selling, managing and mentoring computer systems to various retail, service and publishing organizations. He is a former investment adviser representative.

John Kyle

Lead Software Engineer

John is a software development specialist, with thirty years of experience programming databases and other software platforms. His work history has included local governmental agencies and other corporations. He has experience in a variety of computer languages, such as; Java, C, C++ and QT.

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