Profitable investing in less than 20 minutes a week!

Dynamic Investor Pro is an investment program with timing signals – buy/sell signals for safe investing in less than 20 minutes a week.   This investment program is the only fully customizable investment software that focuses on relative strength investing with multiple means of analysis.

A Market Exit Signal is included in Dynamic Investor Pro to prevent losses when the market declines and comes with both a no-quibble guarantee and free support and is endorsed by relative strength guru Michael J. Carr, CMT.

Dynamic Investor Pro is a product of Dynamic Investing, LLC.  Our company was formed in 2008 and registered in the state of Montana.

A Brief History

In 2006 Raymond began formulating ideas and testing them with MS Excel to automate a 3-Step process to confirm the validity of investment strategy recommendations. Early in 2008 he asked John to work on developing a modern Windows interface for what would eventually become Dynamic Investor Pro.

The concept for this investing software was fully formulated in 2008 and John began programing, in effect starting with a blank screen to produce the interface and then the actual components. Version #1 of the program contained all the basic functions while Raymond wrote the feature and improvement list for Version #2 and subsequent versions with the knowledge that not all his desires could be instantly implemented and would require extensive programing over a long time period. The software, logos and name are the copyrighted/registered property of Dynamic Investing, LLC of which Raymond is the principle owner/Manager and CEO.

Michael J. Carr, CMT (a friend of Raymond’s) was asked to verify the formulas used for the different types of analysis. While not an official part of Dynamic Investing, LLC, Mike donated his time and expertise to either write or review all the formulas used in Dynamic Investor Pro.  He continues to advise Raymond on new features and formulas.

Company Founders

Raymond and John, company founders, have integrated their considerable expertise into the creation of this innovative investment software program.

About John

John is a software development specialist, with thirty years of experience programming databases and other software platforms. His work history has included local governmental agencies and other corporations. He has experience in a variety of computer languages, such as; Java, C, C++ and QT.

About Raymond

Raymond is the designer of Dynamic Investor Pro. He is an experienced small business manager and consultant with more than thirty years of experience. He is well versed in selling, managing and mentoring computer systems to various retail, service and publishing organizations. He is a former investment adviser  representative.

Raymond is the author of the book, “Invest Safely and Profitably.”

Dynamic Investing, LLC is headquartered just a short distance from Glacier National Park; our source of stress release and inspiration.

Company Information

Dynamic Investing, LLC
PO Box 506
Bigfork, MT   59911