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Dynamic Investor Pro is a fabulous investment software program for advisors and financial planners. It offers you the incredible power and flexibility you demand to meet your client needs for safe investing; profitable investing with mutual funds, ETFs or stocks.

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Quick Technical Analysis

You can easily set your method of technical analysis to develop buying and selling rules for each client’s objectives. You can also perform back tests to optimize your rules, your strategy models, for optimum performance with the least drawdown.

Dynamic Investor Pro Key Features

As a stock market technical analysis program you can easily view data, charts and portfolios to compare performance and update data in seconds to see the latest buy – sell recommendations.

Dynamic Investor Pro is the only fully customizable investment software that focuses on relative strength investing with your choice of analysis.

Our Software Features:

  • Download data daily, weekly or monthly
  • 40+ Means for Analysis
  • Alpha and Alpha SD
  • Relative Strength Momentum
  • Customized Rule Generation

“This is a great product for advisors. The old ideas didn’t work in 2008, but RS would have recovered losses quicker and the moving average on the equity curve (that is so easy to look at here) would have indicated it was time to decrease risk months before the crash. Preserving client’s wealth leads to more profits for the advisor, and Dynamic Investor Pro could easily have prevented large losses.” – Michael J. Carr, CMT, author, Smarter Investing in Any Economy

With Dynamic Investor Pro you will join many professional investment advisors in managing your client portfolios with an investment analysis software tailor made to save you time and money.


  • Safe investing – in just minutes a week, a month or daily – your choice!
  • Market Exit Signal to protect your clients money when the markets go down
  • Free one-on-one consultation webinars to teach you the program to ensure successful profitable safe investing

Here is a summary of some of the key components of Dynamic Investor Pro and why it should be your investment management software of choice:

  • Data Analysis – easily view and analyze data by more than 40 ways.
  • Charts – view the performance of any fund, stock or ETF or look at a variety of chart analysis – all customizable if you don’t want to use our default settings.
  • Create investment strategy models and back-test them for performance to pick the best models based on a variety of criteria such as greatest return, most winning trades, fewest trades per year, lowest amount of loss (drawdown) – or use any of our winning strategy models.
  • Employ a variety of sell signals including a Market Exit Signal for when the market drops as in our recent recession so you don’t risk your client’s savings.
  • Maintain a portfolio of all your holdings and strategies with reports and charts.
  • Update your portfolio, strategies and buy-sell recommendations with our one-button Decision Maker
  • Free forever support – call or email or schedule a one-on-one webinar
    • We actually encourage you to call. While with our video training series you can be up and running in a matter of hours we know that everyone always has questions, sometimes months or even years after starting to use Dynamic Investor Pro which is why we don’t charge for support.

For more information on our safe investment management program call us at 877-822-1445 or order today.

And note that relative strength guru, Michael J. Carr says, “Dynamic Investor Pro is the only software that allows for testing and implementing RS strategies without requiring custom programming or expensive software plugins.”

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