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Dynamic Investor Pro

Use our proven methods of analysis with our investment software for profitable safe investing of your accounts - retirement or regular - or to manage client accounts.

Analyze data or Charts - Create trading strategies - Regular or SHORT-Sale strategies

Option: Use Our Trading Strategies

 Work with: 

• Relative Strength Analysis - use any of these key means of analysis - all are available to you.  

• Michael J. Carr – we use his formulas, his filters – so you can too. You can use his recommended investment software – Dynamic Investor Pro.  

• Stocks – yes, this is a stock analysis software  

• ETFs – yes, build ETF trading strategies or simply analyze the data  

• Mutual Funds – yes, trade and manage any mutual fund portfolio  

• Dynamically update all your Pre-Selected Investment Trading Strategies  

• Receive immediate buy-sell recommendations  

• Obtain Immediate Evaluation with  

• Strategy Charts  

• Ticker Charts  

• Current Rankings  

A few Key Features: 

• Build your trading strategies or use ours

 • Create stock strategies or use ours 

• Work with mutual funds of your choice 

• Free support 

• Choose from Multiple means of Relative Strength analysis 

• Data analysis – your way 

• Chart analysis – your setup or ours 

• Instant strategy recommendations 

• Portfolio creation & manafgment 

• Complete optimization – backtesting capabilities 

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What Our Clients Say


“Financially, Dynamic Investor Pro has taken me from a small nest egg into a comfortable early retirement with no debt. I can’t say enough good things about it.”  

– Nancy L.  

“You can trade without knowing anything about technical analysis or the markets. All you need is Dynamic Investor Pro and the available training.”  

– Mike Carr, CMT

“Dynamic Investor Pro will bring Clarity, Confidence & Structure to your Investment Portfolio”  

- Phil Dunn, Financial Advisor

“We would not be as successful at making our clients’ money if not for this software.”  

- Kimberly S.

Dynamic Investor Pro