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Dynamic Investor Pro gives you the ability to trade with confidence! You’ll have all the resources at your fingertips for safe investing and your keys to profitable investing.


Take CONTROL of Your Future

Our flexible investment software lets you customize and invest the way you want or, if you want, utilize our expert developed investment strategies.

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Key Features

Dynamic Investor Pro works with:

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Mutual Funds

Our investment software includes:

  • Ready to implement trading strategies – or create your own
  • Manage your investments in just 20 minutes a week!
  • One Button optional Decision Maker
  • More than 40+ methods of analysis
  • Relative Strength Momentum including Alpha
  • Portfolio Management
  • Charts

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This easy to use investment management software allows you to profitably manage your retirement account or regular account in less than 20 minutes a week, or even just once a month. No experience required. Or you can update and manage your investments every day, its your choice.

Our stock analysis software includes more than a dozen proven models that you can use immediately or you can quickly create your own trading groups and strategy models.

Dynamic Investor Pro focuses on safe investing while offering you different ways to analyze the stock market and diversify your investment positions. You receive a Market Exit Signal that tell you when to move into safe positions or out of the market altogether when the markets start to tank – way before the bucket drops out like happened in our recent recession.

With this flexible investment analysis software you can develop strategies that fit your personality, your goals, and your objectives.

An important rule for safe investing is to resist succumbing to rumors, tips, or someone else’s opinion of what is going to happen or what may be a good buy. Sticking with your goals, following the guidelines, and paying attention to signals you get from solid stock analysis software will lead to increased success.

Dynamic Investor Pro offers many types of stock market technical analysis with a focus on relative strength momentum (RSM) and you don’t need to be an expert to put it to use!

The top 5 benefits of using relative strength momentum investing are often overlooked as people get lost in the desire to simply buy and make money with stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds.

Analysis based on RSM takes momentum analysis a step further by performing a comparative analysis of how strong the momentum of the stock or fund is, and how strong it is in comparison to others. This compelling RSM analysis thus focuses on ticker symbols that are strong and that have the potential not just to remain strong, but to continue rising; and when and if they falter, the analysis signals that it’s time to sell.

Benefit #1:

Relative strength momentum investing is one of the most proven methods of technical analysis for finding consistent winning investments. Noted RSM guru, Michael J. Carr wrote the definitive guide: Safe Profitable Investing with Relative Strength.

k-rsm-works-300x135Benefit #2:

RSM works for all types of investing:

Benefit #3:

The formulas that provide the best results can be implemented even if you are not technically savvy or a math expert because they are part and parcel of Dynamic Investor Pro.

Benefit #4:

Analyzing investments with alpha or any of the other RSM methods is easily combined with other buy/sell rules in this investment analysis software program.

These buy/sell rules include:

  • Stops
  • How long to hold a position
  • Ranking to be sure the position is high within your group of ticker symbols

Benefit #5:

You can easily perform technical analysis with or without Standard Deviation (SD). By adding SD to the analysis you can, in effect, automatically be more conservative. Actually, with or without SD you can customize any RSM calculation (like alpha) in order to meet your goals for conservative, moderate, or even aggressive investing with this investment software.

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