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Our personal investment software allows you to confidently manage your retirement. You can grow your portfolio to meet your own goals, needs and dreams.

Read our tips and techniques for building your retirement account – quickly and easily – for safe, profitable investing.

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Secure your Retirement

This is your flexible safe retirement investing software that answers your questions:

  • How to manage my 401k
  • Is it for conservative investments – YES
  • Does it work for my moderate investment strategy – YES
  • Can I use it for stocks or ETFs or mutual funds – YES
  • Can I take control with limited time or experience – YES

Personal Investment Management Software

  • Safe investing – just 20 minutes a week or once a month
  • Market Exit Signal to protect your money when the markets go down
  • Profitable Portfolio returns with simple proven methods

Dynamic Investor Pro is tailor made for your retirement. It fits the bill as an:

  • IRA investing program
  • 401k management program
  • Roth IRA investing software
  • Federal TSP management program

Our safe retirement investing program is used by independent individuals and professional investment advisors to manage retirement portfolios.

Personalized Assistance

Our team of professionals can walk you through setting up and managing your portfolio. Dynamic Investor Pro is easily customized to meet your needs, your style. OR you can use our proven strategies for safe investing.

This easy to use investment software offers:

  • Charts
  • Individual fund and stock data – 30+ means of analysis
  • Dynamic strategies – customizable
  • One-Screen reports & charts on all your positions
  • One Button customizable Decision Maker

Success – We also know that in 2013 over 79% of our users recorded investment gains exceeding 8% a year (while savings account weren’t even paying 1%). In fact 38% of our users reported gains well over 16% with almost one out of every five users reporting fantastic gains above 26% for the year – yes, above 26%. All using this stock analysis software for safe retirement investing.

You can manage your retirement account with a multitude of tools, your choice, or you can use the program with our default settings, including the groups and strategy models that we have tracked with proven success since 2005. But of course if you are limited by your 401k, Federal TSP or any other retirement account to certain, specific funds, ETFs or stocks you can quickly and easily setup Dynamic Investor Pro to give you recommendations for your exact situation.

What’s included?

Here is a summary of some of the key components of Dynamic Investor Pro and why it should be your retirement investing program of choice:

  • Create investment strategies and back-test them to pick the best models based on a variety of criteria such as greatest return, most winning trades, fewest trades per year, lowest amount of loss (drawdown) – or use any of our winning strategy models.
  • Charts – view the performance of any fund, stock or ETF or look at a variety of chart analysis – all customizable if you don’t want to use our default settings.
  • Maintain a portfolio of all your holdings and strategies with reports and charts.
  • Update your portfolio, strategies and buy-sell recommendations with our one-button Decision Maker
  • Data Analysis – easily view and analyze data by more than 40 ways – in seconds.
  • Employ a variety of sell signals including our exclusive Market Exit Signal for when the market drops as in our recent recession so you don’t lose your life’s savings.
  • Free forever support – call or email or schedule a one-on-one webinar.

For more information on our safe retirement investing program call us at 877-822-1445 or order today.

Relative strength guru, Michael J. Carr says, “Dynamic Investor Pro is the only software that allows for testing and implementing RS strategies without requiring custom programming or expensive software plugins.”

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