User comments about Dynamic Investor Pro investment software

For Individual Investors

“Financially, Dynamic Investor Pro has taken me from a small nest egg into a comfortable early retirement with no debt. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

– Nancy L.

"I just wanted to tell you how much help John has been. He has done more than I've ever seen a tech support dept. ever do and it's a great pleasure to know that first class support is available."

– Bill V.D.

"You can trade without knowing anything about technical analysis or the markets. All you need is Dynamic Investor Pro and the available training."

– Mike Carr.

"I've found Dynamic Investor Pro to be the most helpful investment software that I've ever used. It's functionality far exceeds "charting services," which DI Pro is not; but rather an intuitive relative strength package whose Dynamic, Optimizer, and Correlation functions are awesome."

– Dominick T.

"I haven’t found anything that is as easy to use, reasonable and you can actually talk to or email a person and get a response the same day."

- Kimberley S.

For Advisors

"A must-have. This is an unemotional way to manage money and that is essential these days. We would not be as successful at making our clients’ money if not for this software."

- Kimberly S.

“This is a great product for advisors. The old ideas didn't work in 2008, but RS would have recovered losses quicker and the moving average on the equity curve (that you make so easy to look at) would have indicated it was time to decrease risk months before the crash. Preserving client's wealth leads to more profits for the advisor, and DIP could easily have prevented large losses.”

– Mike Carr

"John has been terrific and gone way beyond any help we could logically expect. He has saved us a bunch of money and improved our service to clients immensely."

– Phil T.

"The ability to create multiple portfolios for clients while quantifying the risk and reward parameters is very useful. While your clients are in your office you can experiment with different "what if" scenarios and in seconds show them how the changes affect their historic return, then print out copies for them to take home. It's a powerful tool and can help differentiate you from other Advisors."

– Dave S.

Video Testimonials

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- David Olson, Colorado

- Norm Black, Texas

- Stephen Stipe, Oklahoma

- Mario Stella, Indiana

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